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Advancing Villages across Indonesia

Forge a sustainable future for rural communities by implementing Smart Village solutions that seamlessly integrate technology with cultural diversity.

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  • Pamundayan Digital Projects

Rural Internet
+20% Rev Share

Waste Management
+15% Net Share

Rural Tourism
+5.5% Net Share

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What is Smart Village?

A digital business ecosystem that offers equitable access to high-speed broadband, payment services, content creation capabilities, an international wholesale marketplace, and real-time market information for rural communities.

Own a digital enterprise

  • Participate in the transformation by investing in a village’s Enterprises.

  • Receive an equitable and fair revenue share from all active digital enterprises for the next 10 years.


Homes Connected to the Internet

More than 900 homes are connected to high speed broadband access


Monthly Revenue (IDR)

Average revenue from Internet Infrastructures from 900+ home subscribers.

Real Investor Benefit

Receive an equitable and fair revenue share from all active digital enterprises You own in a village for the next 10 years.


Actionable tasks shared among community members base on information and market data

Monitoring &

Receive real-time updates of your business venture anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Fair Trade
for Everyone

All stakeholders gain equitable and fair benefits from the revenue shared business model.

Peer to peer and
Group Networking

Information and product sharing across networks and among community members.

Financial Access

Providing communities with access to working capital in collaboration with financial partners

Knowledge Transfer

The pathway to enduring success and sustainability in today’s digital landscape relies on the transfer of knowledge

Open for Investment

Pamundayan is seeking strategic investment partners for its on-going Smart Village projects; from Rural Internet infrastructure development, to Smart Rural Tourism.

  • Investment partners can receive a net revenue share of up to 25% per month from all commercial projects. or

  • Opt for the option of holding up to 20% equity in the project rather than selecting the net revenue share.

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How to Invest?

Pamundayan is opening a Virtual Funding Pool where funds are collectively use to finance particular project submitted through the system. As investor, you may fund one (1) or more projects of your choice. Your revenue share will start once project is launch commercially.

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