In the wet and cold month of November 2021, a small technical team embarked on a door-to-door mission, politely seeking permission to install wireless internet receptors ordered by homeowners a few weeks prior. While some residents were already connected to fiber optic, a fortunate few had access to wireless internet instead due to the geographical aspect of the village. The immediate and upcoming goal was to establish an intricate network, resembling a spider’s web, throughout the village of Sempur in the Plered sub-district of Purwakarta, West Java.

Bringing the whole village into the internet age wasn’t the uphill climb you might imagine! Thanks to our long-lasting, community-powered solution, we turbocharged the journey, going from paperwork to the first installation in just 2 months. Our chosen ISP partners, armed with their expert engineers, educated local teenagers in the proper techniques for setting up, rolling out, and running an internet enterprise.

Making the entire process a walk in the digital park!”